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Kenny Gerwit, once a prominent pop-recording artist and performer, found his true calling in his family's apparel business and was driven by his passion for fashion. Meanwhile, Barbara, deeply rooted in the fashion world with her innate flair for design and sewing prowess, perfectly complemented Kenny's vision.

Their story blossomed in 1976 amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Miami Beach, Florida. Their love took root in a town pulsating with activity, where the sun-kissed air infused every moment with a sense of vitality and joy. Inspired by their surroundings and fueled by their mutual love for each other, they embarked on a journey to create a clothing line that captured the essence of their sunny existence.

Thus, Kenny Dana was born—a brand where each piece reflects not only its founders' romantic origins but also its environment's lively ambiance. Bright, cheerful, and full of life, every thread, pattern, and garment embodies the spirit of its surroundings. Designed for active couples and individuals navigating the resort town lifestyle, whether indulging in a round of golf or engaging in a game of Pickleball before a beachfront dinner, Kenny Dana's clothing epitomizes versatility, comfort, and style.

Kenny faced a familiar struggle, which many active individuals know all too well. From early morning rounds of golf to leisurely lunches with his wife, Barabara, navigating the Miami heat presented its challenges. Amidst the hustle and bustle, he often grappled with sweat-soaked attire and the lingering scent of exertion- a reality he could not ignore.

Determined to elevate his wardrobe and alleviate these common woes, Kenny partnered with Raman Kumar Chawla, the CEO of Avant Garde Fashions. Raman and his team have been sourcing and manufacturing high-quality fashion fabrics and garments all over Asia for over 30 years, using his resources and factories. Together, they set out to redefine activewear with a blend of style and functionality.

The result? Kenny Dana- a brand that stands apart from the rest!

With innovative fabric technology designed to keep you cool, dry, and protected, our clothing is a game changer for athletes and adventurers alike—allowing everyone to not only look good but also feel good. Picture yourself breezing through your day without worrying about sweat stains or discomfort. Our fabric is embedded with UPF 50+ protection, shielding you from the sun’s harmful rays, while the moisture-wicking properties ensure you stay fresh and comfortable from dawn until dusk. But it does not stop there. Our antibacterial features keep odors at bay, while the four-way stretch fabric provides unparalleled freedom of movement. And with lightweight designs that transition seamlessly from workout to errands, Kenny Dana offers the versatility every active individual craves.