Our story

The inspiration behind the Kenny Dana Collection is attributed to the spark, perseverance, and creativity within Kenny Gerwit and his wife, Barbara Gerwit. This dynamic couple has been working together in the apparel industry for over 45 years, with backgrounds in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Under the stage name of Kenny Dana, Kenny was once a profound pop-recording artist and performer in his early days. However, his innate passion for fashion inspired Kenny to join his family’s apparel business. In comparison, Barbara Gerwit’s career in fashion transpired due to her love for design and skills in sewing.

Kenny and Barbara met in 1976, and ever since then, they have relentlessly pursued their American dream of creating their own company. They started their endeavors with only $500, but their innovative mindset allowed them to turn that $500 into a multi-million dollar apparel company. This was only the beginning, as they continue to develop and work on multiple successful brands.

Thus, the Kenny Dana collection was born. This collection plans to disrupt the clothing industry as our pieces incorporate new innovations in fabrics and technology. We combine advanced cooling technology and UPF50 to curate luxurious resort looks. Kenny Dana creates the kind of clothing that the modern everyday woman can readily welcome into her active yet casual lifestyle.